Role 2 Medical Facility under Canadian Armed Forces Lead in Support of Operation IMPACT

Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recently assumed the lead of the Coalition Role 2 medical facility in Northern Iraq in its continued commitment to the fight against Daesh.

The CAF contribution will consist of approximately 50 military personnel with a mandate to provide lifesaving medical and surgical care to support Coalition forces. The CAF portion of this team includes command and control personnel, physicians, nurses, medical technicians, laboratory & diagnostic imaging technicians, a dental team, and a full complement of support staff.

The CAF is leading this multinational team of clinicians that will bolster the Coalition’s healthcare capabilities available in the region.


“The Canadian Armed Forces continues to provide tangible and valuable contributions to the fight to defeat Daesh. The Coalition Role 2 medical facility plays an important role in supporting Coalition forces fighting to liberate Iraq from Daesh and continues our commitment to the region’s stability.” 

Brigadier-General Shane Brennan, Commander Joint Task Force – Iraq

“Our team of experienced and talented Canadian Armed Forces medical professionals is committed to saving the lives of those wounded in the fight against Daesh.  We will work tirelessly and diligently in this task, and continue the Canadian Armed Forces Health Services’ tradition of excellence in medical care on deployed operations.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Morin, Commanding Officer Role 2 medical facility 

Quick Facts

Deploying CAF Health Services personnel are from various bases across Canada, with the majority from 1 Canadian Field Hospital based in Petawawa, Ontario.

The medical facility capabilities include: resuscitation, damage control surgery, intensive care support, dental care, diagnostic imaging, a medical lab, and an intermediate care ward.  

Canada remains a committed partner to the global Coalition against Daesh. Op IMPACT will total approximately 830 military personnel.