Operation NANOOK 2017

October 2017 Issue

From August 23-24, Esprit de Corps photojournalist Richard Lawrence accompanied the Canadian Armed Forces on Operation Nanook.

In describing his adventure in Rankin Inlet, Lawrence explained: "The story here is not one of the the CAF doing its sovereignty operations but more one of emergency preparedness and the co-ordination between all the municipal, territorial, and federal agencies (including DND) to get things done.  A big part of it is understanding that regardless of what level is involved, all command and control originates with the municipal authorities through requests for assistance (RFAs) and all agencies are subordinate to the local authority, including DND.  It was interesting to see all these people who are used to being in charge and issuing commands holding themselves back so that the local authority can learn what to do and do what works within the framework of their society.”

Look for a full feature story in the October issue of Esprit de Corps.