Invitation to attend a workshop to explore emerging science and technology options to improve the performance of Canadian Armed Forces Members

Defence Research and Development Canada has created a new Institute for Research in Defence and Security to bring together academia from across Canada and explore various science and technology challenges facing the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). 

The Institute will include several centres of expertise, the first of which being the Centre of Expertise on Human System Performance.  The Centre’s work will focus on four areas:

sensory, memory and cognitive performance, including augmented reality and computer assisted surgery;

physiological human performance, including biomechanics, and nutrition;

human capabilities with use of robot and autonomous devices, including biotechnology; and ethics, including biomedical, gaming, and human optimization. 

The first workshop will be held on February 27, 2017, in Toronto. University researchers interested in seeing their work applied to benefit the CAF and Defence and Security partners can participate in person or via Web X. Registration can be completed until November 30 by e-mailing the Centre at  


“I am pleased to announce the creation of this new Institute for Research in Defence and Security. I look forward to working with our academic partners to find innovative and collaborative solutions that ensure members of the Canadian Armed Forces can perform in demanding and difficult conditions.”


Dr. Marc Fortin, Assistant Deputy Minister (Science and Technology)