Veteran roundtable discussion to take place in Ottawa

Sent to us via email:

Ottawa-Orléans Military Veterans Round Table Discussion with Jody Mitic,
Stephen Blais, Greg Matte and Andrew Leslie - Tuesday 19 Aug 14 at the
Canadian Legion in Orléans
With Canada's 10 year combat mission in Afghanistan completed, public
attention and concern has begun to focus on Canada's care and attention
being paid to the nearly 40,000 modern day veterans who have returned with
both physical and mental scars from combat. 

The public has witnessed stories of a dizzying array of bureaucratic hoops
that veterans and their families are being asked to jump through to get
care.  There has also been a media barrage of reports of others in need of
care often giving up pleading for the benefits to which they are entitled. 
Last week, the Conservative government's polling of the issue highlighted
that Canadians are concerned "whether enough was being done to help
individuals with health/mental issues arising from their military service." 

You are invited to join the following panelists for a focused discussion
followed by a question and answer period to considering changes to our
Veterans policy that better: identifies the needs of our modern day
veterans; highlights the changes required to our veterans charter; and
restores Canada's moral covenant with those who serve:

• Jody Mitic (retired elite sniper in Afghanistan who lost both his legs
below the knees brings a unique and courageous perspective on military
issues, endurance and overcoming adversity);

• Stephen Blais (Cumberland City Councillor and local champion to restore
government trust and confidence with Veterans);
• Greg Matte, Executive Director Helmets to Hardhats a partnership with
veterans  and Canada's Building Trades Unions, their many Employers across
Canada, and Government stakeholders);

• Andrew Leslie (former Commander Canadian Army)

Tuesday 19 Aug, 2014 at 7:00 PM
The Royal Canadian Legion - Orléans Branch 632
800 Taylor Creek Road, Orléans