New E-Petition for Soldiers Pensions

The New Democratic Party of Canada has launched an online petition to stop the unfair treatment to soldiers they say is happening.

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are unfairly dismissing injured soldiers before they qualify for their pensions,” states the petition. It takes ten years to qualify for a pension in the Canadian Armed Forces. Recently, stories appeared in the news that members who are injured are being released before hitting this mark, thus not qualifying to get any money.

Signatures are being collected on the e-petition site — an online database for those compelled to take action on various issues. So far, it has collected 6,000 out of 10,000 signatures needed. Recently, the NDP’s bid to allow petitions to be tabled at Parliament was passed in the House of Commons. Now, it is up to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs to come up with a system for petitions in parliament. The motion proposes that if 50,000 signatures are collected online, the House can table them. Currently, if 25 signatures are collected on paper, MPs are allowed to bring the issue to the House.