New Alliance Formed to Help Prevent Suicides

Your Life Counts (YLC), a group dedicated to helping those struggling with suicidal thoughts, announced in February 2014 a new alliance with three other organizations — Canadian Veterans Advocacy, Survivors of Suicide Loss, and Stop Concussions — in their fight to prevent suicides. Their goal is to raise $3 million in funding to build “operational capacity” for the YLC organization.

Founded in 2000 by Rory Butler, Your Life Counts International has saved over 500 lives from suicide. It is made up of a team of volunteers who respond to online calls for help and advocate for suicide prevention.

“Guided by a world-class team of advisors and experts working together with individuals and families who have either experienced a suicide attempt or have lost a loved one to suicide, YLC continues to steady and save many more lives, embracing an empathic, therapeutic, psychological approach in association with contemporary psychiatric practice,” says a report online.

According to this report, over the past 13 years, Your Life Counts has responded to over 200,000 online communications which are private one-on-one sessions. It was also “a major force for the framework of Bill C-300 in Canada,” said the report. Bill C-300 calls for a national framework for suicide prevention in Canada. For more information, go to