HMCS Windsor Out of Water

Canada’s only operational submarine on the East Coast will be pulled out of service for repairs. One of the boat’s two diesel engines, crucial for generating power in HMCS Windsor, will be pulled out and replaced in repairs that could take up to a year, the Royal Canadian Navy announced in early February.

Reports on CBC said that the work is scheduled to take place between late March and September. The cost of the engine alone is about $1.5 million, the CBC reported, but is already a part of the RCN’s spare parts inventory. According to reports, the broken Paxman engine is commonly used to drive British trains. However, the reconstruction may take longer depending on how the broken engine is stripped from the submarine.

This is not the first time HMCS Windsor has been out of the water. The boat — one of four used Victoria-class submarines purchased in 2001 from the British — spent five years being refitted for service after problems and unexpected costs delayed the process until April 2012. Currently, Canada has four submarines at varying degrees of operational readiness.