Hits and Misses for November 4

Note: Not an actual ISIS dumptruck.

Note: Not an actual ISIS dumptruck.

It's best not to think about the cost of the missiles used to take out an ISIS dumptruck and a small number of bulldozers. At least they'll have a bit more trouble creating defensive positions when  Iraqi and Peshmerga soldiers advance.  Read more here.

Despite airstrikes from an increasing number of Western nations, ISIS continues to commit unspeakable atrocities at an alarming rate. David Stout from Time writes on the mass killing of a Sunni tribe in Anbar province, Iraq. Read more here.

Ukraine separatists held an election yesterday, but who's pulling the strings? Is it accurate to give Putin all the credit for the events that are unfolding in Eastern Ukraine, or was he just the catalyst? This editorial doesn't ask those questions. Putin is the enemy, so pile on. Read more here.

EDeC Senior Writer Dave Pugliese provides a few details about the Government of Canada's plan to give away hundreds of military pieces of equipment and vehicles to commemorate the Afghan War. Find it on Defence Watch.

Get to know Commodore Brian Santarpia in this interview.

The RCN's Commodore Brian Santarpia will head up Combined Task Force 150 in the Red Sea from December 2014 to April 2015. Read more here.