Hits and Misses for November 3

LCol Paul Fredenburg fires back on defence spending

LCol Paul W. Fredenburg penned a 6,000-word rebuttal to EdeC contributor Robert Smol's article on "Defence Spending: Trudeau vs Harper" for the Canadian Forces College. Read it here.

FSA General gives the West some pointers

EdeC contributor Murray Brewster hears from a Free Syrian Army General who doesn't shy away from giving Canada some pointers on how to defeat ISIS. http://bit.ly/1yRg8UB

Minister Nicholson speaks at CADSI's SecureTech in Ottawa.

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson appeared briefly before a crowd at CADSI's SecureTech luncheon today, speaking of Canada's bombing campaign over Iraq, and stressing the importance of innovation in Canada's defence industry. Although no new details were given regarding the airstrikes, he did mention that without the RCAF's modernized Auroras, airstrikes carried out by our CF-18s would not have been possible.

Scott Taylor's new column out today on CH

Canada is now dropping bombs over ISIS-held territory. We may know who were bombing against, but who are we bombing in support of?   http://bit.ly/1tz5rGh

Would a French CSC make our military more independent?

Michael Den Tandt adds another Canadian Surface Combatant piece under the headline, "Does Canada still need an independent military?" Should read: "If Canada chooses Lockheed and Raytheon for the Canadian Surface Combatant program, we'll be getting too cozy with the U.S. military."  http://bit.ly/1xSblRO