Hits and Misses for November 21

A former Canadian solider has decided to head to Iraq to fight ISIS with the Peshmerga — and a Canadian organization helped get him there. The 1st Canadian Expeditionary Force helps with the cost of a soldier's kit (before joining the Peshmerga, people must buy their own gear), and facilitates getting Canadian fighters safely to Peshmerga forces. Once fighters arrive in Iraq, they can buy a machine gun for 3-4k. Read more here.

What do you get when news breaks that Veterans Affairs Canada has returned $1.13 billion to the federal treasury in unspent funds? We don't need to tell you, but read more here.

Admiral Norman is a good guy, he just doesn't have a lot to work with these days. For the foreseeable future, it looks as though the RCN will be looking to cooperate a lot more than usual. Read more here.

Lockheed and Boeing will not be getting much from the Canadian government this Christmas . Canada is going to keep it's CF-18s flying, for now, via a modernization program. Read more here.

Navy Capt. Paul Forget isn't going to tell journalists that no civilians were killed in recent airstrikes. In fact, with no eyes on the ground, he has no idea. Read more here.