Hits and Misses for November 19

Now that the Protecteur has seen her last days of service, the RCN no longer has any supply ships within its fleet. How long will it take to deliver them a replacement, and what kind of ship will it be? Read more here.

Canadian fighter jets used precision-guided bombs to take out an ISIS warehouse. Reports indicate that the warehouse was being used to make explosives and to train ISIS radicals. Read more here.

Aircraft such as this CC-130 could be used to launch and recover large UAVs from the sky. Read more here.

The U.S. Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments argues that the United States needs to become more offensive, adding lasers and electromagnetic rail guns to existing weaponry. Read more here.

Minister Baird speaks to the NATO Council of Canada Conference on Ukraine

"Unfortunately, the virtues of free societies can be exploited by those Machiavellian enough to do so." Read his speech here.