Hits and Misses Daily for November 11


The National War Memorial on May 21, 1939. The artist, Vernon March, died before its completion.

The National War Memorial on May 21, 1939. The artist, Vernon March, died before its completion.

A Canadian teenager enters a writing competition and gets published in the New York Times. Her subject? The treatment of Canadian veterans. Can a government once celebrated for its support of our soldiers recover from the stigma that now attaches itself to the Conservatives like an unsightly wound? A lot of work needs to be done. Read the New York Times piece here, as you shake your head. 

Fear and panic ruled the day on October 22 in Ottawa, thanks to social media. Read Taylor's article in NOW here.

Industry: Geospectrum Technologies Inc. aquires Akoostix Inc.

GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. (GTI), a leading provider of hydroacoustic hardware, today announced they have acquired Akoostix Inc. Akoostix is a leading provider of underwater acoustic and sonar processing software. Their acoustic processing capability compliments GTI’s transducer expertise and is expected to position GTI as a strong contender for system sales in the Asia-Pacific region, the unmanned vehicle sector, and other burgeoning markets.

“The acquisition of Akoostix provides GeoSpectrum with world class acoustic and sonar processing capability, allowing us to better support our customers. I’m very excited about the fact that with this acquisition and our recently acquired capability to develop mechanical handling systems, we are one of only a few sonar companies with the in-house capability to provide end-to-end integrated systems. We intend to work with our partners to leverage this capability in pursuit of a number of emerging opportunities.” said Paul Yeatman, president of GeoSpectrum.

Joe Hood of Akoostix, said: - “Akoostix is very excited by this acquisition as it will allow us to broaden the user base for Adeos-based products and better realize our vision for product development. Our highly focused technical team will be able to work on what we do best while leveraging the significant complementary capability already at GeoSpectrum. This promises to be a true win-win relationship for the owners, our employees and our customers.”

Akoostix will continue to operate in the short term under their current organizational structure.

Volunteering to fight with the Kurds should produce an obvious question: Which ones? Kurds are a fractious group, and many are fighting not only to rid the world of ISIS, but for their own independent state. That state just happens to infringe upon the borders of Iraq, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. When/if the fight against ISIS is finally over, what becomes of the Kurds? Boltered by international support, including high-tech weaponry, will they keep fighting? Read more about the Canadian fighter here.