Hits and Misses for October 31

Thank goodness for highly-trained air crews in the Canadian Military. Tom Lawson explains that our CF-18s are up to the task in the Mid-East, but thankfully is realistic enough to know that airstrikes alone won't eliminate today's brand of Islamic extremists. http://bit.ly/1zR591L

As Canada gets ready to pummel the ground beneath ISIS' feet, it seems that the world is hoping the Iraqi Army and the Peshmerga will be up to the task of fighting them on the ground. http://bit.ly/1G2agg9

Minister Nicholson, it's time to tackle this issue head-on. Dave Pugliese writes about the CAF's Universality of Service Rule: Nicholson stands to answer NDP Jack Harris' prodding questions in the House, and then puts himself on auto-pilot. http://bit.ly/1wNg1cg

Russia gets what they paid for: Despite the world's condemnation of their actions in Ukraine, and demonization in the media, it seems our other greatest threat (before ISIS took centre stage) has now been handed two warships. The West can't be too worried about Russian aggression. http://rt.com/news/200579-france-russia-mistral-delivery/