Hits and Misses for Oct. 30

Canadian Forces greatest threat this summer in Nunavut? The fiery and merciless "DUMPCANO!"  http://bit.ly/1wIjOaK

This month's issue of Esprit de Corps (mailing out today) questions America's willingness to promote meaningful dialogue and peace in the South China Sea. This article suggests that cooler heads may prevail.  http://yhoo.it/1wIvGcQ

Dear Canadian Government/DND: When the going gets rough, keep our soldiers' uniforms on! http://bit.ly/1FZf99H

Pics from Canadian Forces OP Devouring Serpent. http://bit.ly/1tkZ5tQ

Today's DEFENCE WATCH from Dave Pugliese: http://ottawacitizen.com/category/news/national/defence-watch