Hits and Misses for October 28, 2014

CBC will be live-streaming Nathan Cirillo's funeral beginning at 10:30am E.T. http://bit.ly/1syYpf5

"Man who made a difference." Patrice Vincent is described by family members in this Star piece. http://on.thestar.com/1v6EN3T

No surprise here. CSIS to be given more powers to monitor and track suspected "radicalized" individuals residing in Canada. http://bit.ly/1tAOE59

Powder that shut-down Canadian Consulate yesterday was chalk dust. http://bit.ly/1zenTHn

DefenceReport.com: Where are those Russians?! Quick notes on Sweden's real-life "Hunt for Red October" http://bit.ly/1tBAxg3

Nat Post Full Comment: If not Terrorism, Treason? http://bit.ly/1v9Ng6s