September 2015: RCN Plows Forward


September 2015: RCN Plows Forward



  • The Power of Spacecraft:  With Sapphire and RADARSAT, the CAF is securing eyes in the sky - and over the Arctic — by David Pugliese
  • Eyes in the Sky:  The future of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance programs — by E. Brotherston
  • Photography on the Front Lines:  How it changed with the First World War — by Carla-Jean Stokes


  • Publisher's Letter:  History Brought to Life: Hermione makes a port of call in Lunenburg – by Scott Taylor
  • Commentaries:  Don't hold out hope the election will change anything for veterans — by Pat Stogran; Foreign Policy Gone Wrong — by James Bissett; The Elephant in the Room — by Michael Nickerson
  • Eye on Industry:  Weaponizing the Smartphone: Technology turns combat rifles into 'weapon systems' — by David Pugliese; Innovative Blast Protection: Dynamic Air Shelters - by: Scott Taylor; HDT Global: Engineering the future of deployable shelters — by E. Brotherston; Davie Clinches the Deal: Hope swells for the Navy with a think-outside-the-box idea  — by E. Brotherston
  • Between the Covers: Raging Against the Machine: New book argues for better veteran's benefits — by D.T. MacLeod & H.Leduc; Dieppe, August 19, 1942: OP Jubilee, designed for failure? — by Jacques R. Pauwels
  • Cadet Corner:  Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Regatta — by E. Brotherston 
  • Historica Canada:  WWII veteran John Leach
  • WWII:  First Special Service Force: Frustration grows until the unit finally sees action, Part 2 — by Bob Gordon
  • The Old Guard:  Lancs aloft... Prairie award... Election choices for vets... Saying goodbye?... —  by Les Peate
  • Industry Watch:  Who's who and what's what in the defence sector — by David Pugliese 
  • Trivia
  • Letters to the Editor
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