October 2018: Future Navy: Canadian Surface Combatant

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October 2018: Future Navy: Canadian Surface Combatant



•  21st Century Frigates For RCN: Canadian Surface Combatant Evaluation Heads Into The Final Stretch – By David Pugliese

•  Setting Europe Ablaze: A Most Ungentlemanly Way Of War  - By Bernd Horn

•  Nemo Me Impune Lacessit: We Will Remember Them - By Eric Booth


•  Publisher's Letter:  Cost-cutting To Take Hold At DND?— by Scott Taylor

•  Commentary:  Of Monstrous Hybrids - By Jim Scott

•  Commentary:  NATO, NAFTA And Statecraft - By Vince Curtis

•  Commentary:  Getting It Right For The RCN And Canadian Taxpayer - By James Hasik

•  Commentary:  Don’t Leave Home Without It - By Michael Nickerson

•  In The News: On The Right Track, National Sea Cadet Regatta- Scott Taylor

•  Eye On Industry: In It To Win It, Navantia’s Proposal For CSC - By Scott Taylor

•  Eye On Industry: Alion Canada Goes For The Brass Ring - By Jim Scott

•  Between The Covers: Book Excerpt: A Soldiers Place, The War Stories Of Will R. Bird - Edited by Thomas Hodd

•  Industry Watch: Who’s Who And What’s What In The Defence Sector - By David Pugliese

•  Historica Canada:  U.S. Army Corps Nuse Hilda Irene Cann – www.thememoryproject.com/stories

•  Cadet Corner: New Commander For Cadets And Junior Canadian Rangers SG - By Major Nathan James

•  Trivia:  Test Your Knowledge Of Military History Against Quizmaster Les Peate

•  Letters to the Editor

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