November 2018: Special Anniversary Edition

2018 30th ann Cover.png
2018 30th ann Cover.png

November 2018: Special Anniversary Edition



•  That Others May Live: Long awaited Fixed Wing SAR in the works– By David Pugliese

•  The Armchair Colonel: Toadyism and Military Cohesion – By Col (ret’d) Pat Stogran

•  The History Of The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1953: Service and Suffering The RCR at Vimy Ridge – By Bernd Horn


•  Publisher's Letter:  Facing facts in the modern world - By Scott Taylor

•  Commentary:  War without end - By Jim Scott

•  Commentary:  A hundred years on - By Vince Curtis

•  Commentary:  The limits of Colonel Henry’s commentary – By Joe Fernandez

•  Commentary:  O’Reganomics - By Michael Nickerson

•  Perspective:  A long and winding road: 30 years of Esprit de Corps magazine – By Jim Scott

•  Perspective:  The reluctant lifer: Kathy Johnson has found her place – By Jim Scott

•  Eye On Industry: DEFSEC Atlantic 2018, awaiting the future – By Jim Scott

•  Eye On Industry: Gardaworld, a second career in uniform - By Jim Scott

•  Industry Watch: Who’s Who And What’s What In The Defence Sector - By David Pugliese

•  Historica Canada:  2nd Lieutenant Frank Jefferies R22eR, Korea –

•  Cadet Corner: Remembering the Legacy of James G McKeachie – Anthony Langlois

•  Trivia:  Test Your Knowledge Of Military History Against Quizmaster Les Peate

•  Letters to the Editor

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