November 2017: Training For The Future RCAF

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November 2017: Training For The Future RCAF



  • Training for the Future RCAF:  It has become the modern trend to increase the cost effectiveness of aircrew training through simulation — and the outsourcing of training flight to private contractors. Find out what’s in store for the next generation of RCAF pilots — by David Pugliese
  • Operation NANOOK: Cross-cultural Training with the Canadian Rangers: Esprit de Corps photographer Richard Lawrence was on the ground (and in the air) during the CAF’s 10th annual exercise in Canada’s North. This second feature article focuses on the Arctic training exercises that took place at Rankin Inlet, Nunavut — by Richard Lawrence
  • ‘Draft Men’ & the Battle of the Scarpe, 1918: "Act with the utmost boldness and resolution”: Prior to their trial by fire in 1918’s Battle of the Scarpe, Canadian draftees were treated roughly by seasoned veterans for their belated arrival at the front — An excerpt from Reluctant Warriors: Canadian Conscripts and the Great War (UBC Press) — by Patrick M. Dennis


  • Publisher's Letter:  We are at a crossroads in Iraq — by Scott Taylor
  • Interview:  Canada’s Top Commando: An interview with MGen Michael Rousseau, Commander of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) — by Sandrine Murray
  • Perspectives:  Challenge & Commitment Lost: Part 3: 1987 Defence White Paper’s Total Force — “a relatively large force of lightly armed guards" — by Robert Smol
  • The Armchair Colonel:  Defining Terrorism: Violence in the pursuit of political aims — by Col (ret’d) Pat Stogran
  • Commentary:  Canada’s veterans deserve a courageous Ombudsman — by Sean Bruyea
  • Commentary:  Running out of time — by Vincent J. Curtis
  • Commentary:  Where did we go wrong in Afghanistan? — by Scott Taylor
  • Between the Covers:  Making Difficult Decisions in War: Putting the “Canadian” in “Royal Canadian Air Force” — An excerpt from TEN DECISIONS: Canada’s Best, Worst and Most Far-Reaching Decisions of the Second World War (Dundurn Press) — by Larry D. Rose
  • Perspectives:  Sharing a Friendship & Tradition: Child amputees carry on Remembrance legacy
  • Perspectives:  Infanteer to Commissionaire: There’s no after-life like it for Russ Treadwell — by Micaal Ahmed
  • In the News:  Filling the Capability Gap: Scrambling to find an interim fighter jet solution — by David Pugliese
  • Eye on Industry:  Rolling Into Action: Canadian Army to take delivery of new SMP trucks — by David Pugliese
  • Historica Canada’s The Memory Project:  Korean War veteran Ron Carruth, who served with 1st Battalion, PPCLI 
  • Cadet Corner:  Transferable Skills for Cadets: Developing leadership, self-confidence & decision-making — by Capt. Karina Smith, National Cadets & Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group  
  • WWII:  The Endless Battle: The Battle of Hong Kong takes a heavy toll on the men of The Royal Rifles of Canada in December 1941 — by Andy Flanagan
  • The Old Guard:  Trees of Remembrance … Anniversary of a tragedy … Hurricane relief … Defining a veteran… etc. —  by Les Peate
  • Industry Watch:  Who's who and what's what in the defence sector — by David Pugliese 
  • Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate
  • Letters to the Editor
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