November 2015: Shared Battlefields, Common Loss

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November 2015: Shared Battlefields, Common Loss



  • Shared Battlefields, Common Loss:  Remembrance ceremonies in Canada and around the world — by Newell Durnbrooke
  • Casting a Wider Net: Securetech 2015 showcases a range of developments in the defence, security and cyber — by David Pugliese
  • The Canadian Frontline Press:  Part 2: Trench papers allow soldiers to share humour, break monotony & provide perspective — by Kyle Falcon


  • Publisher's Letter:  Newly elected Liberals face serious defence challenges – by Scott Taylor
  • Commentaries:  Canada should not grasp onto the future with old notions — by Stewart Webb 
  • Eye on Industry:  Textron Systems: Ushering in the Golden Age of integrated systems - by Evelyn Brotherston; Always Up for the Challenge: Commissionaire Hilaire "Nick" Nicolas — by Scott Taylor; The Details Are in the Pixels: LizardTech makes extra-large geospatial image files a thing of the past  — by Meina Oria; B.C. in the Blood: Shipbuilding industry leader Seaspan Shipyards— by Evelyn Brotherston
  • In the News: Nostalgia On Ice: Imjin River Classic hockey game, 2015 reboot — by: Newell Durnbrooke
  • Cadet Corner:  We Will Remember Them — by Capt Nathan James 
  • WWII:  The Battle of Britain— by Tyler Hooper 
  • The Old Guard:  Staying Put..Korea medals...Baden memories...Sample soldiering...Hiring bureaucrats... —  by Les Peate
  • Trivia
  • Letters to the Editor
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