May 2018: Future Army: New Equipment On Parade At CANSEC '18

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Screenshot 2018-04-30 16.23.29.png

May 2018: Future Army: New Equipment On Parade At CANSEC '18



  • Call To Arms And Armour: The Canadian Army is still a significant market for the country’s defence and security firms. A report on CANSEC 2018 – By David Pugliese

  • Breaking Down The Barricades: Celebrating extraordinary Women In Defence – By Leah Woolley

  • Gunfight At Tarin Kowt: Special Forces Ops in Afghanistan - by Bernd Horn


  • Publisher's Letter:  Where is the proof? Russian spy story makes no sense — by Scott Taylor

  • Commentary:  Future Air Combat – By Vincent J. Curtis

  • Commentary:  Does Peacekeeping Put Canada On The Jihadi Radar? - By Phil Gurski

  • Commentary:  Just a Cheerleader— by Michael Nickerson

  • Commentary:  Of Sacrifice and Tragedy – By Jim Scott

  • In The News: Passing of the Torch, Government downplays Vimy ceremony – By Richard Lawrence

  • Perspectives:  Infanteer to Commissionaire, a Profile of Gerry Fraser – By Jim Scott

  • Korean War:  Book excerpt: “Invisible scars” - By Meghan Fitzpatrick  

  • Korean War:  Turkish Participation in the Korean War, a new film

  • The Old Guard:  Government programs … Petawawa remembers … Maisons des Canadiens —  by Les Peate

  • Historica Canada:  RCN veteran George Alfred Bell –

  • Cadet Corner:  Learning the Ropes of the High Seas – By Maria Granados 

  • Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate

  • Letters to the Editor

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