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•   Aviation Projects on Review:  With CANSEC 2017 on the horizon, we look at some of the key projects vying for the RCAF’s attention at the show – by David Pugliese

•   Mefloquine Madness: 25 years after Somalia, the continued use of mefloquine by the CAF is back in the news amid talk of deploying troops to a malaria-plaques region like Mali. Amir Attaran, Michel Drapeau and Pat Stogran argue the drug should be banned from CAF use

•   The Battle for Vimy Ridge: Part 2: A calculated artillery barrage precedes the assault – By Bob Gordon


•   Publisher's Letter:  Terrorists come in all colours and faiths – by Scott Taylor

•   Perspectives:  Remembering MINUGUA: Canada’s peacekeeping mission in Guatemala – by Maj (ret’d) Eva Martinez

•   In the News:  Commando Challenge VII: Revenge of the GOFOs & the Lame Ducks take flight – by Newell Durnbrooke

•   In the News:  Celebrating Success: Women in defence are breaking down the barricades – by Scott Taylor

•   Commentary:  A prayer for those who did not come back — by Lubomyr Luciuk

•   Commentary:  Doubling down on defence — by James G. Scott

•   Commentary:  The 2% problem — by Vincent J. Curtis

•   Commentary:  A more palatable way to die — by Michael Nickerson

•   Between the Covers:  Firing Lines: Three Canadian female journalists report on WWI – by Debbie Marshall

•   Eye on Industry:  Position, Navigation & Time — Assured: Calgary’s NovAtel provides high-tech solutions for military forces

•   Historica Canada:  WWII veteran Victor Wong, who served with the Special Operations Executive

•   Cadet Corner:  Remembering Vimy Ridge: Army Cadets commemorate Vimy’s 100th anniversary in Canada and in France – by Maxime Corneau 

•   WWI:  Arthur Currie: The Man Under the Uniform: Part 3: “Whence cometh the warrior" – by Bob Gordon

•   The Old Guard:  The Good Nurse is a great book … An ace remembered … More PTSD help is available … etc. —  by Les Peate

•   Industry Watch:  Who's who and what's what in the defence sector — by David Pugliese 

•   Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate

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