March 2015: Women in Defence

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March 2015: Women in Defence



  • In-Service Support: The future of service and maintenance in the CAF — by David Pugliese
  • Breaking Down the Barricades: Women in the Defence World: Women make a lasting impact across a broad spectrum of the Canadian defence community
  • Domestic Terrorism, 1915: Germany brings the Great War to Canadian soil, Part 2 — by Chuck Konkel


  • Publisher's Letter:  We need to clarify the word "terrorism" – by Scott Taylor
  • CommentariesJohn Baird: Goodbye and good riddance — by Jason McNaught; The power of boo! — by Michael Nickerson; Anti-Partisan warfare vs. Fulda Gap warfare – by Joe Fernandez
  • Eye on Industry:  Future Job Losses? Could privatization of certain services through ISS contracts mean the loss of expertise and government jobs? — by David Pugliese; The CFOne Card: One community, one million strong — by Ally Foster
  • Perspectives:  The Forgotten Frontier: Canada's northern security — by Tyler Hooper;  A 21st Century Navy Rooted in the Past: The Royal Canadian Navy is no newcomer to the Arctic — by Andrew Warden
  • Interview:  Two Steps Ahead: There's no question that Commodore Mark Watson has a vision for CFMWS — you just need to keep up with him in order to see it — by Jason McNaught
  • Law & Order:  An Association for Military Professionals: An idea whose time has come — by Michel Drapeau & Joshua Juneau
  • The Memory Project:  Phyllis Holmes (née Agnew), RCAF stenographer-typist, Second World War
  • The Formative Years:  African Canadians in Union Blue: Volunteering for the cause in the Civil War — by Richard M. Reid
  • The Old Guard:  Defining combat; News Veterans Charter still under fire; The Devil's Brigade; Sacred Trust; Veterans Review and Appeal Board; Legion of Honour Awarded; Liberation of the Netherlands —  by Les Peate
  • In the News:  MFRC-NCR Victory Ball; Esprit de Corps Commandos vs. Lame Ducks — by Newell Durnbrooke
  • Trivia
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This issue of Esprit de Corps celebrates Canadian 'Women in Defence' with profiles of the soldiers, advocates, journalists, academics, industry execs, and lobbyists that are making a positive impact in their respective fields. In addition to this special section, Dave Pugliese writes on In-service support; Warden takes a look at the future role of the RCN in the Arctic and Tyler Hooper steadies his aim on what warfare in our Northern frontier looks like.

Also in the March issue;

  • McNaught pays his respects to Baird
  • An introduction to the man of many hats, Commodore Watson of CFMWS
  • Anti-Partisan Warfare vs Fulda Gap Warfare by Joe Fernandez
  • The Power of Boo by Michael Nickerson
  • Vanceboro Bridge Part Two by Chuck Konkel
  • Canadian Association of Military Professionals by Josh Juneau and Michel Drapeau
  • Old Guard by Les Peate