June 2015: CANSEC Preview Part Three: Canada's Navy

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June 2015: CANSEC Preview Part Three: Canada's Navy

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  • All Eyes on the Navy:  CANSEC 2015 is expected to be dominated by Canada's naval programs — by David Pugliese
  • A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing:  Why do some risk all to impersonate soldiers? — by David Larocque
  • Sam Steele in the Great War:  His command ambition was thwarted and unfulfilled in Europe after success in Canada — by Norman S. Leach


  • Publisher's Letter:  Just what the hell was Harper doing in Iraq? – by Scott Taylor
  • CommentariesFunding is needed for HUSAR — before disaster strikes — by Steve Daly; The Never Forgotten Memorial's double assault on history and ecology — by Sean Howard; Chain of command be damned — by Michael Nickerson
  • Eye on Industry:  CSC Bidders: Who's in it for Canada? — by Jason McNaught; Getting Procurement Off the Dock: BMT Fleet Technology — by Jason McNaught;  Forty Years of Cooperation: Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and the Canadian Army — by Scott Taylor; The Hunt Is Over: Atlas Elektronik's advances in anti-sub warfare shine a light on subs — by Jason McNaught; It's The Little Things: Former tank crew commander Joseph Thomas goes above and beyond the call of duty as a Commissionaire — by Ally Foster; Rockwell Collins: Unveiling groundbreaking, Canadian-inspired solutions at CANSEC 2015 — by Ally Foster; Progress — Without the Side Effects: Offering soldiers with PTSD a new approach to mental health — by Jason McNaught
  • Interview:  LGen Jonathan Vance on hybrid warfare and Canada's response to Russia — by Murray Brewster
  • The Memory Project:  Alexander van Bibber, machine gunner, Second World War
  • The Old Guard:  National War Memorial guards of honour; Misconceptions about medals; Wear Red on Fridays campaign; Victory in Europe celebrations —  by Les Peate
  • In the News:  Canada's DART aids in Nepal after the earthquake; Canada reaffirms its support to Ukraine; Layoffs on Bombardier's horizon — by Ally Foster
  • Letters to the Editor