July 2014 Issue: Battle-Stress Casualties

July Issue Cover.jpg
July Issue Cover.jpg

July 2014 Issue: Battle-Stress Casualties



  • NSPS Report Card: National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy is underway — by David Pugliese
  • Release the Crazies: In the wake of Afghanistan, many CAF members have been released from service, suffering from unseen wounds. DND's inability to follow up means many are left feeling alone — and angry at the system — by Jason McNaught
  • The Roads to Battle: Facing off at Lundy's Lane, July 24–25, 1814 — by Richard Feltoe


  • CommentariesCanada's reactionary policy — by Stewart Webb; Boko Haram and the Maginificent Seven — by Vincent J. Curtis; Enjoy the summer — by Michael Nickerson
  • Eye on Industry:  Textron Systems: Innovation for Canadian defence — by Jason McNaught; General Dynamics Canada: Engineering success — by Jason McNaught; CANSEC 2014: Up close and personal with high-tech defence gadgets — by Megan Brush
  • Perspectives:  New Veterans Charter: Fourteen recommended changes, not substantive results — by Sean Bruyea
  • Between the Covers  Firefight: Battling fires in Canada, fighting wars overseas, and finding humanity amid the chaos —  by Rick Kurelo
  • In the News:  New video tells vets' stories to schools; Dufferin County Museum launches a new WWI learning tool for students; Candlelight vigil in Esquimalt —  by Megan Brush
  • The Memory Project:  Peter Chisholm, Royal Canadian Engineers, Korean War
  • World War I:  The Final Gathering: The militia forms in Alberta —  by Donald E. Graves
  • World War I:  Dunsterforce Part I: A Kiplingesque adventure, or Stalky's Folly? —  by Bob Gordon
  • The Old Guard:  In Memoriam (Esprit de Corps' Michèle Simoneau); New and old veterans; Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs; Mock the Haggard Face; Don't fall for the scam —  by Les Peate
  • Trivia
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