July 2016: CANSEC 2016 ON REVIEW

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July cover.jpg

July 2016: CANSEC 2016 ON REVIEW



CANSEC '16 - A glimpse into some of the sights and sounds from Canada's biggest trade show

A VIEW FROM THE FRONT- A newly recruited Dragoon experiences the volatility of Afghanistan in 2009

SACRIFICE WAS NOT IN VAIN- South Korea has emerged as a world-leading industrial nation, but still thankful of Canada. 


EYE ON THE INDUSTRY:CANSEC Top 20: Some of the things that left a mark

IN THE NEWS: Commando Hockey Challenge 5: MFRC the real winner

THE FULL SEND: Understanding the military planning process

COMMENTARY: Vets need a new transition model for life post-service

COMMENTARY: Inappropriate behaviours in the CAF

PERSPECTIVES: WWI flyer's memory lives on at Camp Borden

EYE ON INDUSTRY: FWSAR training planned for C-27J Spartan

HISTORICA CANADA: WWI sapper Albert Crook

CADET CORNER: Air Cadet League's 75 years of History

THE FORMATIVE YEARS: The Fenian Raids, Part 2: Canada's first invasion threat

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