FEBRUARY 2016: The Force From The North

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23-1 cover.jpg

FEBRUARY 2016: The Force From The North



  • Fixed-Wing Search & Rescue: The Procurement Project is Underway with Three Companies Vying for the Contract — by David Pugliese
  • A True Home-Grown Solution: Discovery Air Defence has the Inside Track on the Airborne Services Project — by Scott Taylor
  • A Crash Course in Peacekeeping: Part 2 Details the Challenges of Peacekeeping in 1974 after a coup d'état on Cyprus — by Frank Reid


  • Publisher's Letter:  On Target: Canada's Latest Capability Acquisition a Rare Success – by Scott Taylor
  • Commentary:  A Challenge for a Truly Liberal Foreign Policy — by James Bissett; SOS: Save our Ships — by Vincent J. Curtis; Trudeau`s Defence Review — by Steve Staples
  • Perspectives:  Quiet Vigilance: Overseeing Defensive Chemical Weapons Testing in Canada  — by Roberta Staley
  • In the News: Team Canada Ready for Invictus Games; Meritorious Service: Veterans Among Those Recognized — by Charles Merredew
  • Between the Covers:  Thunder in the Skies: A gunner in WWI Prepares for Vimy — by Derek Grout
  • Cadet Corner:  The Force from The North: Army Cadets — by The Army Cadet League of Canada
  • Historica Canada:  WWII veteran Welsford Daniels
  • The Old Guard: A custodian honoured...Heroism in Korea...Praise for a publication...etc. —  by Les Peate
  • Trivia
  • Letters to the Editor
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