December 2018: Generation Next: Canada's Future Fighter

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Screenshot 2018-12-04 13.48.34.png

December 2018: Generation Next: Canada's Future Fighter



•  And Then There Were Four: Release of requirements for new fighter jets – By David Pugliese

•  Next Ships Of The Fleet: Lockheed Martin and BAE team up for CSC - By David Pugliese

•  Where Eagles Dare: Devil’s Brigade takes Mount La Difensa - By Col. Bernd Horn


•  Publisher's Letter:  When Canada said “no” to Britain is when Canada became a nation — by Scott Taylor

•  Commentary:  Whither the State? - By Jim Scott

•  Commentary:  Would Tesla be a Refugee to Canada Today? - By H.E. Mikhail Papazolu

•  Commentary:  Contractual Obligation - By Michael Nickerson

•  In The News: Esprit de Corps 30th Anniversary

•  In The News: Best Defence Conference - By Jim Scott

•  In The News: Centennial of the Great War Armistice - Scott Taylor

•  Eye On Industry: RCAF Pilot Training - CAE and KF Aerospace team up to help produce wings - By Jim Scott

•  Industry Watch: Who’s Who And What’s What In The Defence Sector - By David Pugliese

•  Historica Canada:  Bill Teleske, Second World War vet –

•  Cadet Corner: The impact of Honouring the Fallen - By Maxime Corneau, Army Cadet League of Canada

•  Trivia:  Test Your Knowledge Of Military History Against Quizmaster Les Peate

•  Letters to the Editor

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