December 2017: Report Card On National Shipbuilding

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December 2017: Report Card On National Shipbuilding



  • NSS Report Card:  Considered to be the largest and most ambitious naval construction project ever undertaken by Canada, the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) is finally making some headway. David Pugliese looks at the delays and progress made to date — by David Pugliese
  • Canada & Kazakhstan: A Comparison of Military Reforms, Part One: In June publisher Scott Taylor travelled to Astana to attend the Eurasian Media Forum. He took this opportunity to learn more about the evolution of Kazakhstan’s military — from Soviet satellite to independent state — by speaking with Rear-Admiral Kairgeldy Yesseneyev, the director of international cooperation — by Scott Taylor
  • France’s Cinderella Campaign: Canadian Army fights to secure the Channel ports: In the wake of the D-Day landings, the Canadian 3rd Infantry Division had the objective of capturing the port of Boulogne. Initial probing attacks proved it would be a tough nut to crack — An excerpt from The Cinderella Campaign: First Canadian Army and the Battles for the Channel Ports (Douglas & McIntyre) — by Mark Zuehlke


  • Publisher's Letter:  Nazi war monuments in Canada? Believe it, they’re real — by Scott Taylor
  • Interview:  The CAF on Global & Domestic Stages: An interview with LGen Stephen Bowes, Commander of Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) — by Sandrine Murray
  • Perspectives:  Challenge & Commitment Lost: Part 4: Canada & Australia: Comparing the legacy of two 1987 Defence White Papers — by Robert Smol
  • The Armchair Colonel:  Weapons of Mass Consumption: The information war is raging — by Col (ret’d) Pat Stogran
  • Perspectives:  Crisis in Ukraine: Realities Intrude — by Chris Westdal
  • Commentary:  We’re looking into it! — by Michael Nickerson
  • Perspectives:  Second World War on Film: War comes alive for new generations through Canadian Army Newsreels, now available online — by Bob Gordon
  • Eye on Industry: Making ‘Better’ Best: London Defence Conference showcases Southern Ontario’s defence industry — by Scott Taylor
  • In the News:  CATS Takes Flight: Discovery Air Defence awarded Contracted Airborne Training Services contract — by David Pugliese
  • Eye on Industry:  Canada’s Cutting Edge: Rheinmetall Canada stays ahead of the curve — by Micaal Ahmed
  • Historica Canada’s The Memory Project:  Korean War veteran Frank Smyth, who served with the Military Police during the war 
  • Cadet Corner:  Limitless: An autistic child’s growth through the Sea Cadet program — by Deborah Morrow, The Navy League of Canada  
  • WWII:  Hitler’s Last Roll of the Dice: On New Year’s Day 1945, the Luftwaffe launched every plane it had into the air — by Anne Gafiuk & Ken Wright
  • The Old Guard:  Volunteer Service Medal … Veteran statistics … Suicides … Pigs as Guinea pigs … New uniforms … etc. —  by Les Peate
  • Industry Watch:  Who's who and what's what in the defence sector — by David Pugliese 
  • Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate
  • Letters to the Editor
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