AUGUST 2018: Focus On Future Training


AUGUST 2018: Focus On Future Training



•  Simulating Developments: The objective is to put fliers, drivers and gunners through their paces without expending a single bullet or ounce of fuel – By David Pugliese

•  Deadly Encounter At Wood Creek: A clash of empires in a North American forest  - By Bernd Horn

•  Perception, Deception And The Art Of War: When wishing doesn’t make it so - By Col. (Ret’d) Pat Stogran


•  Publisher's Letter:  Embarrassing shortfall nothing new — by Scott Taylor

•  Commentary:  Home Duty Conscription as a Tool to Battle Societal Malaise - By Joe Fernandez

•  Commentary:  RL 207, Revisiting The Avro Arrow - By Vince Curtis

•  Commentary:  The Beat of Donald’s Drum - By Mike Nickerson

•  Commentary:  Crossing the Line - By Jim Scott

•  In The News: Russian Federation vs Esprit de Corps Hockey- By Richard Lawrence

•  In The News: Maritime Security, A Canadian Imperative

•  Between The Covers: Book Review of “The Secret History of Soldiers, How Canadians Survived the Great War” - the latest from Tim Cook

•  Industry Watch: Who’s who and what’s what in the defence sector - By David Pugliese

•  Historica Canada:  Polish 2nd Corps, British Eighth Army Vet Stefan Meissner –

•  Cadet Corner: Foundation for the Future, Air Cadets Get a New President - By Anthony Langlois

•  Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate

•  Letters to the Editor

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