August 2017: Canadian Surface Combatant Project

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August 2017: Canadian Surface Combatant Project



  • CSC: Forging Ahead:  Despite delays and complaints from some bidders on the Canadian Surface Combatant Project, the procurement is moving forward and the Liberal government has committed to buying 15 vessels – by David Pugliese
  • Disaster Relief: The Way Ahead: In this second of a two-part feature on disaster relief, author Eva Cohen discusses the urgent need for second responders in dealing with civil protection and disasters. In preparing for the worst, Canada’s emergency preparedness system should provide communities with a more efficient way of responding to and recovering from calamity – by Eva Cohen
  • The Battle of Cut Knife Hill: Fine Day teaches Canadians a lesson in fire & manoeuvre – Despite outnumbering the First Nations warriors and possessing far superior power, the Canadians were driven from the battlefield by a tactically more adept for – by Jon Guttman


  • Publisher's Letter:  Omar Khadr is a victim, not a terrorist – by Scott Taylor
  • Interview:  Force Generation: Plotting the way forward for Canada’s Army, with LGen Paul Wynnyk – by Micaal Ahmed
  • The Armchair Colonel:  Training to Meet the Cyber Threat: We are going to do great if the next conflict is simply a repeat of the Second World War – by Col (ret’d) Pat Stogran
  • Commentary:  The JTF2 heard you, Scott — by Vincent J. Curtis
  • Commentary:  When it’s just a game — by Michael Nickerson
  • In The News:  Invictus Games: New beginnings for the 90 Team Canada members competing in Toronto — by Kari M. Pries
  • Perspectives:  Decimated, Demoralized & Disbanded: No. 124 (Ferry) Squadron’s demise following the 1946 crash of Dakota 962 — by Anne Gafiuk
  • Historica Canada’s The Memory Project:  WWII veteran Phoebe Anne Magee, who served in Intelligence with No. 6 Group in England as a member of the RCAF Women’s Division
  • Cadet Corner:  Life Lessons Learned: Another year of success for the Effective Speaking Program – by Anthony Langlois, Air Cadet League of Canada 
  • WWI:  Gerald Birks: Ace Killer Over Italy – Part 2: Enemy aces fall victim to No. 66 Squadron’s Canadian pilots – by Jon Guttman
  • The Old Guard:  Penny-wise … Aging workhorse retiring … Expanded benefits … Bomb-sniffing vermin  Omar Khadr … etc. —  by Les Peate
  • Industry Watch:  Who's who and what's what in the defence sector — by David Pugliese 
  • Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate
  • Letters to the Editor
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