August 2015: Cadets on Parade

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Pages from Esprit_de_Corps_22-7_(Aug2015) MR new.jpg

August 2015: Cadets on Parade

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  • Targeting Ammo: Some of the key munitions and weapons systems being considered by the CAF — by David Pugliese
  • More Bang for the Buck:  Canadian Ships would have more firepower with new naval remote weapons stations — by David Pugliese
  • The Search for a New MBT:  Canada and the search for the Centurion main battle tank's replacement — by Frank Maas


  • Publisher's Letter:  Canada and the coalition fail to even contain ISIS – by Scott Taylor
  • Commentaries:  Supporting international security & Canadian Interests — by Jason Kenney; Real change for Canada's defence policy – by Joyce Murray; NDP proposes a new vision for defence — by Jack Harris; Defence policy as if peace matters — By Elizabeth May; A general revolt — by Michael Nickerson 
  • Eye on Industry:  Pilotless Planes, Smart Guns & Spiderman Suits — by Tyler Hooper; Hold Tight; We'll Come to You: working with PTSD sufferers  — by Ally Foster; WestDef 2015 another success
  • Cadet Corner *New*: "Anything a kid could ever wish for": A week inside Ontario's cadet summer camps — By Evelyn Brotherston; We were cadets once...and young: A select group of former cadets share their memories — By Evelyn Brotherston 
  • The Memory Project:  Keeping her memories alive: Sandra Perron, Peacekeeper
  • WWII:  First Special Service Force: A combined Canadian-American special unit is born. Part 1 — by Bob Gordon
  • The Old Guard:  Jody Mitic Memoir; Great Stories; VAC Call Delays; Proposed Military Memorial Zone, etc. —  by Les Peate
  • In the News:  Sexual Misconduct; Procurement Announcements; Hockey News, etc... — by Ally Foster 
  • Trivia
  • Letters to the Editor