April 2019: CANSEC PREVIEW: Focus On The Future Navy

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Screenshot 2019-04-03 14.12.40.png

April 2019: CANSEC PREVIEW: Focus On The Future Navy



•  Naval Technology Showcase: A preview of CANSEC 2019 – By David Pugliese

•  Mission Success For Davie Shipbuilding and Federal Fleet - By David Pugliese

•  Sam Steele: A biography, Fighting for Queen and Country 1899-1901- By Rod MacLeod


•  Publisher's Letter: Ukraine Should Not Celebrate Nazi Collaborator — by Scott Taylor

•  Commentary:  Surrendering to an unseen enemy - By Jim Scott

•  Commentary:  Replacing the Inglis hi-power - By Vince Curtis

•  Commentary:  An erosion of trust - Michael Nickerson

•  Commentary: Let’s talk women in the military - by Military Woman 

•  Perspective: Dead Giveaway, the dark side of the Mons Centenary - by Dr. Sean Howard

•  Industry Watch: Who’s Who And What’s What In The Defence Sector - By David Pugliese

•  Historica Canada:  Sergeant John Joseph White, Royal Canadian Artillery – www.thememoryproject.com/stories

•  Cadet Corner: Working with COATS, a unique sub-component of the reserve force - By Amber Lawson, Public Affairs Officer 

•  Trivia:  Test Your Knowledge Of Military History Against Quizmaster Les Peate

•  Letters to the Editor

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