April 2018: Looking Beyond The Horizon: A CANSEC Preview Of What The Future Holds For The RCN

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April 2018: Looking Beyond The Horizon: A CANSEC Preview Of What The Future Holds For The RCN



  • Down To The Sea In Ships:  CANSEC 2018 will see a focus on naval products as Canada’s Royal Canadian Navy reequips itself for the future. David Pugliese reports on the upcoming defence and security trade show.— by David Pugliese
  • The First Special Service Force: From Anzio to Rome 1944: The first special forces, also commonly known as the Devil’s Brigade, an elite combined Canadian American combat organization in the Second World War, reached near legendary status. Their exploits in the Anzio beachhead earned them the title “Black Devils in Baggy Pants” from the Germans — by By Colonel Bernd Horn and Michel Wyczynski
  • Commando Challenge IX: Esprit de Corps Dominates in on-ice Double-Header — by Adam Peace


  • Publisher's Letter:  Party plane antics not a mission" — by Scott Taylor
  • Commentary:  Boeing, Airbus And Bombardier – By Vincent J. Curtis
  • Commentary:  Kosovo Ten Years After: Not even a state, but already ‘failed’ His Excellency Mihailo Papazoglu — by Mihailo Papazoglu
  • Commentary:  Potty Training 101— by Michael Nickerson
  • Commentary:  Operation Nighthawk Reveals Canadian Naïveté— by Joe Fernandez
  • Eye On Industry: Building A 21st Century Fleet: Alion Canada has a ship, a system and a plan — by Jim Scott
  • Historica Canada’s The Memory Project:  Francis Bathe, Canadian expeditionary force, First World War
  • Cadet Corner:  Air Cadet League Launches Presidents Club: The President’s Club is seeking leaders now, and for the future – By Anthony Langlois  
  • The Old Guard:  Supporting awards … Taking a day off … Honouring HMCS Haida. —  by Les Peate
  • Industry Watch:  Who's who and what's what in the defence sector — by David Pugliese 
  • Trivia:  Test your knowledge of military history against quizmaster Les Peate
  • Letters to the Editor
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