On Wednesday, May 18th the Commando Lites faced the Lame Ducks in a heated battle that ended with both teams putting 4 goals in the back of the net. The Lame Ducks jumped out to an early 1-0 lead, before the Commando Lites stormed back to take what looked to be a commanding 3:1 lead. However, the Lame Ducks continued to battle their way back into the game. With 3 minutes remaining on the clock, the Commando Lites were desperately trying to hold on to a slim 4-3 lead. After an offensive barrage around the Commando Lite net, the Lame Ducks finally managed to beat Senior Colonel Zhu (aka The Great Wall of China)to tie the game. This dramatic finish sets things up for a potential rematch between these two teams in the near future.


Players of the game


                                           Sergey Kozlov                                                                                               Jim Scott



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