Canadian Patrol Concentration Tests Soldiers’ Tactical Skills

November 17, 2016 – Wainwright, Alberta – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces

 The fourth annual Canadian Patrol Concentration, an intense infantry-centric patrolling event, begins tomorrow in the Wainwright Training Area and will run until November 27, 2016. This year’s event marks the second time international participants have been accorded an opportunity to test their mettle in this grueling, world-class event.

Approximately 150 Regular and Reserve Force soldiers from across Canada, as well as members from the British Army, will test their tactical competence and stamina in a realistic and challenging scenario. 

Participation in the Canadian Patrol Concentration contributes to the operational readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces. Operational readiness allows the CAF to meet the likely tasks that the Government of Canada will assign. 


“The Canadian Patrol Concentration is the Canadian Army’s premier patrolling concentration.  This world-class event allows Canadian and Allied soldiers the opportunity to hone their soldier-skills, test their resiliency, and will ultimately give them a chance to leave the patrol concentration as better soldiers than when they arrived.”

Colonel Peter Scott, Commander, Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre

“Make no mistake, the Canadian Patrol Concentration is hard. It is a true test of the foundational soldier-skills required to be successful in contemporary operations. Being selected to participate in the Canadian Patrol Concentration is a privilege: a privilege from which these soldiers will carry lessons—learned through hardship and teamwork—for the rest of their careers.”   

Chief Warrant Officer Rene Kiens, Regimental Sergeant-Major, Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre

Quick Facts

Two teams representing land forces from the United Kingdom will be deploying into the Wainwright Training Area as participants in Canadian Patrol Concentration 2016. 

Eight-member teams will be tactically inserted into a notional enemy’s held territory, where they will be required to patrol close to 35 kilometres while avoiding detection and reporting on enemy activities.

The Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre (CMTC) provides a vital training function for deploying or high-readiness units of the Canadian Army. It has developed and organized the annual Canadian Patrol Concentration to fill a need for a safe but challenging test for Canadian soldiers.

The Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre is part of the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre responsible for the supervision, integration, and delivery of land operations training and doctrine development, including simulation and digitization.