- Scott Taylor -

Scott Taylor is a former infantryman in the Canadian Military, and has been the editor/publisher of Esprit de Corps  magazine since 1988. He is also an award-winning author, documentary filmmaker, and war correspondent. 

Scott Taylor (centre) with David Pugliese (left) and Sasha Uzinov on a old Soviet tank while unembedded in Afghanistan.

Scott Taylor (centre) with David Pugliese (left) and Sasha Uzinov on a old Soviet tank while unembedded in Afghanistan.

Scott Taylor, a former commando/infantryman in the Canadian military, has been the publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine since he founded the publication in 1988. He is also the award-winning author of eight books (translated into 6 languages), a veteran war correspondent and a documentary filmmaker.

For more than 25 years, Taylor has reported from numerous global hot spots, including Kuwait, Cambodia, Western Sahara, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Iraq, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Libya and Afghanistan. In 1996, Taylor won the prestigious Quill Award and in 2008 he was named Press TV’s "Unembedded Journalist of the Year." In 2011 Taylor won a Telly Award for the CPAC documentary Afghanistan: Outside the Wire.

On September 7, 2004, while reporting on the U.S. occupation, Taylor was taken hostage in Northern Iraq by Ansar al-Islam Mujahadeen. Taylor and his Turkish colleague were subjected to torture and severe abuse before being released five days later. That harrowing ordeal was recreated by National Geographic Channel in an episode of the popular series Locked Up Abroad.

For his relentless uncovering of top-level corruption in the Canadian military in the 1990s, Taylor was dubbed the "Voice of the Grunts" by The Globe and Mail, a "Bone in the Brass' throats" by the Toronto Star, the "Scourge of the Generals" in a Reader's Digest cover story, and a "One-Man Army" by the Toronto Sun.  

A syndicated columnist on international conflict, Taylor’s views appear weekly in the Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper, as well as The Hill Times. He has also contributed to such publications as the Ottawa CitizenMaclean’sThe Globe and MailToronto SunReader’s Digest, CTV News and the Global television network. Taylor has also appeared in several international journals such as Indian Defence ReviewMagyar Nemzet and Al Jazeera.

Personal Tidbits: Taylor is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art (Illustration), was the drummer in a punk rock band called The Offenders, competed in the Canadian National Biathalon finals in 1984, married his high school sweetheart that same year, fathered son Kirk in 1994, and he still plays right wing for the Esprit de Corps Commandos hockey team.